What operating systems are compatible the app?

Apple – iOs 11.0 or later
Android – Lollipop and later

What can I do with

You can use for many different things such as peer to peer transfers, shopping, bill payments, and more. To make a payments or transfers you can either scan the QR-code provided by the person/company or you can make in app purchases or transfers using the in app capabilities of

Can I download my QR Code from the Personal app?

Yes, Log in to the app. You will see menu then tap on QR Code. Tap on download.

How to create Pay.Aw account
  1. Open your app
  2. Tap on ‘Register’
  3. Enter your name, mobile number, email and tap on ‘Continue’
  4. Enter the one time password (OTP) that you will receive on your mobile number and click on ‘Submit’
  5. Enter your bank info if needed, otherwise click skip
  6. Your account has been created please log in
What is Pay.Aw is Aruba’s first and only mobile payment and commerce platform. We make mobile cashless transactions possible by enabling payment through QR-code scanning, in app purchasing, peer to peer transfers, and more.


How do I link a bank to my account?
  1. Tap on ‘Bank’ on app
  2. Tap on ‘Bank Settings’
  3. Enter First Name, Last Name, select bank, add bank number
  4. Tap on ‘Submit’
  5. Retrieve the token that has been added on your bank account (you’ll find this 7 digit token on your bank statement (in the Arubabank app))
  6. Add the token in token screen
  7. Tap on ‘Submit’
  8. Bank is linked
How to add money from your bank account to wallet.
  1. Tap on ‘Add Money’ on app
  2. Enter the amount
  3. Tap on ‘Add Money’
  4. Select the bank
  5. Tap on ‘Add Money’
  6. Money is added
Do I need a bank account to use

No, a bank account is not always necessary when using, however your experience might be limited. Users without a bank account can accept transfers from others and make in-app purchases with the credit that is in their wallet. However, to easily add money to your wallet and/or “cash out” your will need a valid bank account that is linked to your app.

How to transfer money back from Pay.Aw to bank account
  1. Tap on ‘Bank’ on app
  2. Tap on ‘Bank Out’
  3. Enter the amount
  4. Tap on ‘Continue’
  5. Enter Pin
  6. Money is transferred to bank

Credentials and Security

What happens if my account is hacked?

Our security team does it’s best to prevent misuse of this service. However, if you notice something wrong with your account, please contact customer care at 149 or via Whatsapp at 699-9999 to suspend your account and reset your pin.

How safe is my personal / bank information in the app? doesn’t save any information related to your bank. will only save an encrypted token which is used to identify the link between your bank and the account.

Can I see a list of all vendor who are accepting payments?

Yes, Click on ‘Vendor’ in Main screen

What if my phone gets stolen/lost?

In the event of a lost or stolen phone, please call Customer Care at 149 as soon as possible to block your account.

What if I forget my password?

Please call Customer Care at 149 for password assistance.

How to reset Pay.Aw password?
  1. Tap on the app Main item icon in the upper left screen
  2. Tap on ‘My Profile’
  3. Tap on ‘Pin’
  4. Add old pin, and new pin twice
  5. Tap on ‘Verify’
  6. Enter the one time password (OTP) that you will receive on your mobile number and click on ‘Change Pin’
  7. Pin is changed

Fee and subscription

I paid for a product/service/bill but the company says it didn’t receive my payment.

Please contact Customer Care at 149 and a contact agent will assist you in retrieving your transaction.

Why am I being charged on my SETAR invoice. Can’t I pay in the app?

Charging the monthly fee from your wallet isn’t currently possible. The monthly subscription fee for Postpaid subscribers is charged on your Setar N.V. invoice.

Will I get a late fee on my SETAR Account if I pay late? / Is there a late payment fee?

Yes, is an additional charge on your existing postpaid service. You will get a late fee for your postpaid service in case you pay late.

What happens if I don’t pay for services?

In the event that you do not pay for your services, you will no longer be able to log in to your account.

Can I (temporarily) pause or stop paying for the app?

No, this is currently not possible.

How do I completely delete my account? / How do I cancel a subscription?

In order to cancel your subscription, you will need to click on ‘unregister’ in the ‘My Profile’ page.

I’ve deleted the app but am still being charged my subscription fee. What do I do? subscriptions are based on a monthly fee. Please contact customer care at 149 or via Whatsapp at 699-9999 and a contact agent will assist you.

Is there a fee associated with a personal Pay.Aw account?

At this time, Setar N.V. is not charging a fee for personal accounts. Setar N.V. will as usual provide advance notice in case a fee is introduced for a personal account.

Payment and transfer

I purchased the wrong item/paid the wrong bill. What do I do now?

The vendor, with a manager’s profile, can log in to the vendor app or vendor portal and reverse the transaction.

I transferred money to the wrong person. What do I do now?

In the event that you’ve sent money to the wrong person, you can contact the person, and request him to refund you the money. is not responsible and cannot reverse such transactions.

What happens if my Wi-Fi/data goes down during a transaction?

In the event that you lose connectivity during a transaction, the transaction won’t be completed.

You can redo your transaction when you have Wi-Fi/data.

I ordered/pre-paid for something and it never arrived. What do I do?

We’re sorry to hear this. Orders and prepayment are at the vendor’s discretion. Please contact the Vendor/Store to request a status update on your order.


How to pay electricity bill by Pay.Aw?
  1. Tap on ‘Bill Payments’ on app
  2. Select the biller that you want to pay
  3. Enter the account and invoice number
  4. Tap on Continue
  5. Confirm the amount
  6. Tap on ‘Pay’
  7. Enter your pin
  8. Invoice is paid
How to pay through Pay.Aw?
  1. Tap on ‘Pay’ on app
  2. Scan the QR code or enter the number of the beneficiary that you want to pay
  3. Enter the amount
  4. Tap on submit
  5. The money is paid to the beneficiary


How can I get a refund?

A refund based on a purchase is dependent on the vendor procedures. Please contact the vendor for any further information.


Am I able to view transaction history?

Yes, Click on Transaction in Main screen.